UN World Day for Cultural Diversity

On May 21st, the United Nations celebrates World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


“Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.” – UN


There are many countries that experience hardships and instability. However, businesses and people can do their part in helping to bridge the cultural gap. And what better way than through common language. Being able to tolerate and learn about each other is only possible if we have the means to communicate with each other.


“English empowers people to follow their goals and dreams. It provides a link for them to communicate with many cultures.” – Mario Rizzio, Kaplan teacher in Portland

At Kaplan, we are proud to teach people a global language that is used all over the world. We have over 40,000 students from 150 countries each year, that enter our Kaplan schools. Part of our experience is encouraging students to make friends with each other.




With the world more open than ever, moving abroad to work and live in another country is a reality for an ever-increasing number of people. And many global companies are leading the way to hire talented candidates perfect for the role, regardless of gender, age, religion and race. This not only helps to foster a tolerant working environment but having a diverse workforce is beneficial for businesses too.


Here are 3 benefits of why you should work abroad, and in the process, you’ll learn about different ways of life, make international friends and further the UN’s mission to bridge the cultural gap.


1. International candidates are sought-after


A company who are shown to support a culturally diverse workforce are able to build a good reputation for themselves. But this is not the only benefit. Hiring from abroad opens up the pool of talent, allowing them to choose the perfect person for the job. It also gives them a competitive edge, with a mix of people they are better equipped to understand local customs, cultural sensitivities and better knowledge of a global or local marketplace.


As an international candidate, specifically one with English skills, this puts you in good stead when applying for a role. You bring bilingual speaking skills and cultural awareness that your native counterparts may not have. Having different cultural norms and the experience of living in a different country, gives you a sense of empathy which is important to have especially in an international setting.


Although many of our students come to Kaplan to improve their English skills in order to progress their education or career, many come away with other skills that will prove useful for their futures. Studying at Kaplan gives you insight into what it’s like to live and learn in a foreign country. Having to make friends and use your language skills in real world settings helps to build your confidence and prepares you for your next step, whether that is university or a new career abroad.


Camilla quote

My favorite part of the Kaplan Experience was the chance to stay in close contact with different cultures and learn things no book or news program can ever recount.” – Camilla Borrini, student from Italy


2. You’ll gain valuable work experience


If you’re starting out in your career, then just by having the opportunity to work in an international environment means you’ll gain valuable work experience. Whether that’s a bigger organization that has the resources to train and track your progress, or a smaller, slimmer team where you might be required to do various work. Being in a diverse team with a mix of talent will give you a unique chance to learn from skilled people. See things from a fresh perspective who may have a different way of approaching, analyzing and dealing with a situation.


When a problem is tackled with a worldly view it’s far more likely to do well. Exposure to this type of environment will ensure you’re in a good position to further your future career no matter what industry.


Paula quote

“I made so many friends from different places, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, South Korea and Jordan. It has been a unique opportunity and cannot compare to anything else I’ve done.” – Paula Benza, student from Angola


3. There is more opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally


Working across cultures is a truly enriching opportunity. Whether you decide to work abroad or study English with Kaplan, being able to meet, work with and befriend people from other countries is a great gift. Not only will you learn about their cultures, countries, traditions, foods and way of life, which will help you understand the world, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from people. This can help you open up your future prospects, you never know who you might meet along the way and how they can influence your perspective on the world and direct your career into a path or place you didn’t initially think of.


The Kaplan experience is far more than just classroom English lessons. Immersion in the local culture of an English-speaking country and connections with classmates from around the world are also an essential part of the English-learning journey.


Ana quote

“I believe that in addition to improving my résumé for future vacancies, the experience of getting to know another culture and new people helps a lot in terms of personal development.” – Ana Paula, student from Brazil


Choosing to learn English, especially at Kaplan, will help give you the important skills of communication and the ideal environment to meet and make friends from around the world. Join our Kaplan family and choose from over 30 schools.



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