Share the Adventure: Why it's great to study abroad with a friend

Lots of things are better with friends. Watching a film, eating a meal or travelling abroad are always better when you have company.

But what about travelling abroad to a new country and learning a new language? What an amazing experience that would be to share.



Gabi Lopes and Isabella Santomi
Gabi Lopes and Isabella Santomi in Sydney, Australia

Actresses Gabi Lopes and Isabella Santomi decided to share the adventure and travel together to Sydney, Australia for their Kaplan Experience. They booked themselves in for a General English Course and explored all the city had to offer, discovering what life is like in Australia along the way.

“I love living in this incredible city with my adventure companion,” said Gabi. “This experience of living and studying in Australia is incredible. Bella and I shared a very nice apartment that has a pool and now I know what an Australian life is like!”

Gabi Lopes and Isabella Santomi and an unnamed koala
Travelling with a friend doesn’t stop you from making new friends

Studying abroad with a friend doesn’t exclude you from the rest of the Kaplan Experience either and there are still plenty of opportunities to make new friends from all over the world as many of our students do all the time. 

Exploring local attractions and landmarks together is that bit more enjoyable with a friend. In the case of Sydney, this might be feeding the kangaroos in Morisset Park and making sure you get all the best photographs of yourself in front of iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House. However, another benefit is that it lets you keep your energy levels high and get the most out of the quieter moments. “We do not need much to have fun together,” explained Isabella.

pictures in front of the sydney opera house
You can rely on someone to take great shots of you in front of famous landmarks too

Isabella sums up the studying abroad experience as life changing:

“It's better to do something than just dream about it. Looking at this landscape made a movie play in my head about how much has happened in the last three years. My life has changed a lot and I have met a lot of people. Gabi is one of the gifts of these last years and sharing this adventure and energy with her was great!”

Gabi and Isabella reflecting on their studies
Reflecting on the life changing experience of learning English

We always say that one of the strengths of the Kaplan Experience is that everyone has to speak English out of necessity and can’t fall back on their native language, but it’s also true that having another person sharing the adventure with you can be very rewarding as you develop and grow your language skills together.

If you and a friend want to come and study together at Kaplan, why not follow Gabi and Isabella’s example and share the adventure? Our student advisors would be delighted to help you find the best school and course for your needs and help you with all the details!

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