Lead Netflix Actor Studies English at Kaplan

You may recognize his face from a brutal Netflix Original series, where he’s best known for his role as one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico. But Marco de la O, the Mexican actor, is not quite as scary in real life, and some lucky students in Toronto can attest to this when they found themselves classmates of the actor. 


Marco de la O is currently studying English in our Los Angeles school, after having spent a few weeks in our Toronto school, and he was happy to tell us exactly what learning English means to him.

"In Mexico, I had 2 teachers, 3 times a week but when I finished my class, I started to speak Spanish. Here I speak English 24/7. If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, you don’t learn the language."

Find out why he thinks it's never too late to learn English, the real benefits of an immersive learning experience, and why he wanted to join the Kaplan family and study with us. And with that, we won’t ramble on much more as his interview is far more enjoyable to watch.



Do you want to take the course Marco de la O took? Come and study English with us! 

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